Jack Dart AKA: RatSmacker04

My Halloween Costume^_^


Blood Color:

AGE: Probably 18

Height: About this tall

Represented by these colors: Forest Green, Indigotine (look it up fucker)

LIKES: Hylics, Homestuck, Hollow knight, CLOWNS!!!!, FNAF, Cuphead, Ranfren, 8eyes, HeartlovePowerTemple, Superjail, Vocaloid, Banjo-Kazooie, _Boisvert, Whiscash, Pikmin, Catsoup, Johnny the Homocidal maniac, Cucumber Quest, Plague Knight, SCP lore, Steven Universe (im sorry), Invader Zim, Nightmare before christmas, MLP, Welding, My gamecube, ENA, Petscop, Half-Life 2, Metroid, God of War, Castle crashers, Caracals, Opossums, Korn, Utsu P, System of a Down, Moral Orel, Hiveswap, Pesterquest, DONKEY KONG!!!!, Neocities websites, Pinegrove scented candles, CRT televisions, Sonic, building gameboy advances, danganronpa 2...(im sorry again), Deltarune, Teto Territory, Monster House, Jesse and James, Big Chungles, Mechanism, that one video of the frozen fish being slices in half

DISLIKES: Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, Super Smash Brothers Ulimate (3000 hours on that game), Clash royale, Shonen Jump anime, Pedophile Anime, snapchat discover page, twitter, chronically online people, people who make hog rider jokes, baseball players, people who have no interests or hobbies, people who call themselves a fan of a game franchise but havent played the games, people who play valorant, people who have pink keyboards or cat headsets, people who play minecraft bedwars with pink keyboards, people who like attack on titan, people who like genshin impact, people who hate cosplayers, bad cosplays (dey make me cringe!), Mr. Olmedo, people who take track a little too seriously, fortnite no builds


Character theme: Service Car James Roach

Watch your back or you might find him behind you. Has been spotted trolling his comrades and pals in and outside of school. Puts a lot of effort into designing and cleaning his room. Canonically scaled to be the most powerful among his friends.

Calls his room his quarters, abode or study.
"Meet me in my study."-Jack

Recent sightings

Sightings *OLD PICTURES* (Bad character design!1!)

Found Footage


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